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Vatnsdæla Tapestry

Vatnsdæla saga is the family saga of the people of Hof and takes place through the 9th to 11th century. The story tells of fate, love, and honor, as well as struggle against dangerous enemies. The main settings stretch from Norway to Vatndalur in Iceland and the surrounding district. It is believed that the saga was written ca 1270.

The project Vatnsdæla On A Tapestry is the idea of Jóhanna E. Pálmadóttir, modeled after the Bayereux-tapestry which was sewn in the 11th century. Jóhanna´s collaborators are Landnám Ingimundar gamla, Textílsetur Ísland and Ístex ehf. The drawings were made by second-year students from the graphic department of the Icelandic University of the Arts, under the leadership of the artist Kristin Ragna Gunnarsdóttir.

The tapestry will be housed at Kvennaskólinn at Blönduós. Opening hours will be from 13 – 17 every day from the June 15 to August 15th. Visitors will then have the chance to make their mark on the project and can pay by the hour. The money goes to pay for the materials to create the tapestry. A teacher will be present while you work. During the winter, several classes will be held and groups will be admitted by appointment.

The goal of the project is to revive the Vatnsdæla saga in a modern way, while using the old traditions of hand craft. The tapestry will be just over 46 meters long. The name of every person who embrioders or supports the project will be recorded in a book which will be kept with the tapestry.

Vatnsdæla On A Tapestry is a community project where guests can make their mark on the saga and same time help complete this epic project!

Director Jóhanna Pálmadóttir with the tapestry.