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Living Quarters


The residency dorms are located on the same floor as the main studio, on the 2nd floor of the building. Each resident will have his/her own dorm room, which can view either north or south (ocean) side. Each dorm room has a chair, ample closet/storage space, and a bed (some rooms have 2 single beds). Most rooms also have a small desk. The Textilsetur provides basic linens and towels as well.

A typical bedroom, featuring (often original) beautiful furniture and yearbook photos of classes from when the building was a women’s college.

A view from one of the bedrooms. You can also see the sunset pouring through the main residency studio.


All residents currently share one kitchen, which has 1 fridge/freezer, an electric 4-stove top and a microwave. Basic kitchen tools and utensils are provided, and there is a small table for dining and limited counter space. There is also a large pantry cupboard where residents share shelf-space for their items.

4 tips for happy communal kitchens

  1. Feel free to take out the trash when the bag is full. Toss the bag into the black trash bins when you exit the building downstairs (around the corner to the left). New trash bags can be found under the sink.
  2. Do not block the sink, stovetop or work surfaces with dirty dishes for extended periods of time.
  3. Feel free to dry some dishes to free up space on the drying rack. Come on, you know that some of them are yours!
  4. Do not store recycling items in the kitchen for extended periods of time.


  • Glass jars and other non-drink glass items go into the trash (unfortunately).
  • All paper recycling items (including milk cartons and other Tetra Paks) go directly into the blue bins outside the front door (around the corner to the left).
  • All drink bottles (including plastic & beer bottles) go into the plastic bin under the sink. Please rinse the bottles before dropping them into the box.
  • All other items (including plastic packaging and metal) can be recycled, but you are on your own in terms of collecting the items and taking them to the recycling center (near the ISTEX wool washery).

Living Room / Lounge

Across from the kitchen is a living room or lounge area where there is a small library, couch, chairs, and a small table that can also be used for dining.


All residents share one bathroom on the same floor as their dorm rooms. It is of ample size with a shower. There is one toilet in this bathroom, plus more toilets located on the first floor of the building. The cellar of the building also has a bathroom which can be used by residents.


Located in the cellar is a household washer and dryer and clothes-drying rack for residents to use. There is no cost to use it, and the residency also provides laundry detergent.


There is a heated outdoor pool close to Kvennaskólinn, which has hot tubs, sauna, showers, gym, and 25m lap pool.