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Kvennaskólinn, the old Women´s College was established in 1879 and was one of four women’s colleges in Iceland. Women’s colleges offered young Icelandic women the chance of education for the first time by offering traditional school subjects as well as preparation for daily life with classes in handicrafts and cooking. At first, the college was held in local homes in and around Vatnsdalur and from 1893-1901 it was held in a farm school house at Ytri-Ey, located between Blönduós and Skagaströnd.

In 1901 the college was moved to Blönduós to a brand new house built especially for the Women´s College. In 1911 that house burned down but after the fire the house was rebuilt and is still standing today known as Kvennaskólinn. It was the home to a women’s boarding school until 1978 when the school was closed, but the house continued to be used for office space and community activities.

Today, the renovated Kvennaskólinn is used for the offices and activities of the society of Friends of Kvennaskólinn (Vinir Kvennaskólans), the institutions Textile Center (Textilsetur Íslands) and the Blönduós Academic Center (Þekkingarsetur), as well as other community functions. Owners of Kvennaskólinn are local authorities and the State.